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Light Rail Construction at Trenton Terminal
Construction Notice Notice of Construction on New Jersey Transit Bus Stop warns passengers that the Light Rail Station Construction has begun.
Decking on bridge section The first section of the span over the Assunpink Creek in Trenton has the steel deck in place.
crane parking The crane is parked for the day.
Constructed section is adjacent to the Asunpink Creek The first span is adjacent to the creek itself.
New guywires to support catenary of NEC Relocating the guy wires for the North East Corridor catenary.
Deck finished in concrete The span now has concrete decking.
Workers place anchor cables Workers place anchor cables.
steel reinforcing the retaining wall Steel reinforces the retaining wall.
Amtrak engine Amtrak engine heads south past the new bridge.
Train watching The NEC station area is a great place to watch trains.
change in plans? Change in plans? Workers dig up around the anchor cables. Maybe they just found out about loose fill placed after the old hotels were razed.
change in plans? Now the retaining wall has been cut down and new footings are being placed to support the bridge over the Assunpink.
Curved retaining wall A curved stone retaining wall supports the raised grade of the new light rail right of way. The tracks will switch off of the old right of way, descend under the automobile overpass, and then rise up and cross the Assunpink at grade.
Acela train Amtrak Acela blows past the new retaining wall constructed to support the grade for the light rail tracks.
Station Plaza 3 and Lorenzo's Cafe In the neighborhood of the train stations, Station Plaza 3 in the background and Pete Lorenzo's Cafe in the foreground. I work on the 9th floor of Station Plaza.