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Riverside New Jersey Station

Temporary Buffer

Due to track construction, this temporary buffer marks the end of the line. The grade crossing is under construction as well as the Rancocas Creek Bridge. This photo, taken April 15, 2001, also shows the grade crossing at Pavilion Avenue. The new SJLRT station will be just north of the grade crossing.

Old Platform looking north

The platform of the old Camden and Amboy (later PRR) with the site of the new SJLRT station in the background.

Old Station

The old station, while intact, is owned by Zurbrugg Hospital and is used to house a Thrift Shop.

Tracklaying equipment Tracklaying equipment in Riverside (August 2001)
Tracklaying equipment More tracklaying equipment.
Looking south Looking south.
Pavilion Avenue crossing Upgraded crossing at Pavilion Avenue. The new station will be at the left of the track.
Old station and new track The old PRR platform now removed, new track is located close to the old PRR station. The new track is laid on concrete ties.
Site of Riverside station Site of new station in Riverside.
Riverside switch New Switch. This switch will be pneumatically operated, but now must be manually thrown.
Old signal wiring Old Signal wire. This box is adjacent to the old Riverside Station.
New Platforms in Riverside New Platforms in Riverside. One for northbound and one for southbound.
New signals New train signal lights. These are not yet in use and are turned away from the track sight lines.
from new to old Riverside station From the new to the old. View from the new platforms to the old station.
Northbound platform with Watchcase factory in background View from the north platform. The watchcase factory is in the background.
WW2 Memorial - Click to enlarge World War II memorial in Riverside. My uncle is listed among those who gave their lives for our freedom.