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The Palmyra N.J. Rail Road Station

Palmyra Station in 1975
Although the Palmyra New Jersey Rail Road Station was still standing in 1975, passenger service had ceased on the line by the early 60's and the stations were abandoned. Freight continued under the Pennsylvania RR, Penn Central, and Conrail. Engine 8283 (Baldwin diesel) was just passing through when this photo was taken.

All that remains of the station platform
The Palmyra New Jersey Rail Road Station site (March 2001)
The station was torn down. All that is left is part of the concrete platform and the stubs of the steel supports.
Part of the platform was removed.
A portion of the platform has been removed. The steel supports for the station have been cut off.
New rails awaiting installation.
New rails are awaiting installation. Note the length of the new rails compared to the existing rails.
A small gate guards pedestrians.
A small gate guards the pedestrian walkway at the Cinnaminson Avenue crossing.
Switchgear boxes.
The signal switchgear.
Pilings for new station platform The old platform has been removed and new concrete pilings are being installed to support the new platform. (August 2001)
Pilings for platform.
The light rail platform will extend further than that of the original PRR platform.
Drilling Rig
This drilling rig was used to excavate for the station foundation.
The new platform is in place.
The canopy has been added.
A new sidewalk has been poured adjacent to the platform.
Compare this image to the one at the top of the page.
Electricians installing new traffic signals that integrate with the new railroad signal system.
The new crossing gates and traffic signal control.
Testing the gates and signals. (August 7, 2002) Flag persons ensure that automotive traffic is stopped.
Juniata SW1500
Simulating the light rail cars in length, this pair of SW1500s runs through town at speeds of up to 35 mph.
Juniata SW1500
Testing involved measuring the speed of the locomotive and the speed detected by the signaling equipment.
Juniata SW1500
Of interest to motorists...when the train is stopped, the crossing gates rise and cross traffic can resume.
Juniata SW1500
These nicely painted (and clean) engines have been leased to Bombardier.
Juniata SW1500
The engineer moves from one cab to the other as the train changes direction.
Juniata SW1500
Ready to make the next run.

Questions or comments? Timothy M. Griscom.
Photos (unless otherewise credited) and layout 2001-2002 Timothy M. Griscom
1975 Station photo is from Tillicum,the 1975 Yearbook of Palmyra High School and is used by permission of the Palmyra Public Schools