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Grade Crossings

Grade Crossing at Chester Avenue

This grade crossing, at Chester Avenue in Riverside, is being completely rebuilt.

Grade Crossing at Chester Avenue

Looking south. Note the depth of the excavation. (April 2001)

Grade Crossing at Chester Avenue

Finished grade crossing. New signals and new gates. All of the grade crossings on the SNJLRT will have gates as well as signals.

Grade Crossing at Chester Avenue

New grade crossing surface. (March 2002)

Grade Crosing at South Broad Street, Trenton.
The busiest grade crossing is South Broad Street, Route 206, in Trenton. Work has not commenced to upgrade this crossing for the light rail.

Grade Crossing at South Broad Street, Trenton.
Although rush-hour traffic has been reduced with the addition of Route 129, considerable back-ups will be produced when the gates come down for light rail trains.

A fire engine crosses at the Grade Crossing, South Broad Street, Trenton.
With fire stations located with a few blocks of either side of this crossing, once necessitated by both the passing of PRR trains and canal barges and boats, the Trenton Fire Department is already prepared to handle the disruption to fire response routes.

Grade Crossing, Hamilton Avenue, Trenton.
The Hamilton Avenue, Trenton, grade crossing prior to the start of upgrade work.

Gap in the Rails.
This two-inch gap is just south of the Hamilton Avenue Grade Crossing. Replacing the track will definitely improve the ride.