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We have three networked (peer to peer) computers running Seti@Home.

Processor MB RAM L2 Cache HD Capacity CD ROM NIC Operating System Video      
Intel Pentium MMX @ 233 Mhz Soyo 5BT 128mb 512kb 16.4gb 24x 100 Base TX Win98 SE Trident 4 meg      
Intel Pentium MMX @ 233 MHz Tyan S1590S Trinity 100AT 128mb 1024kb 20gb 40x 100 Base TX Win98 SE ATI 8 meg      
Intel Pentium @ 100 MHz Dell Dimension XPS 48mb 512kb 3gb 4x 100 Base TX Win95 Cirrus Logic 2 meg      

The network includes a Linksys Printserver, an Assante Router, and a Linksys hub.


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